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Customize Your own Gas Outdoor Fire Pit or Indoor Fireplace with options for any budget, Log Sets, Coal Baskets, Fire Glass and Glass Burners, Indoor and Outdoor Fireplace Controls and Accessories

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Match Lit Fire Pit Kits

AquaFlame 360 Water/Fire feature

Deluxe Fire Pit Kits

Deluxe Kit Includes: Remote Control system and Electronic Ignition
*comes fully assembled and tested
*ready to be droped in to your enclosure
*Most Deluxe kits Ship for Free
Enjoy dancing flames from all angles. Do-it-yourself feature lets you create your own look for the fire pit surround with rock, brick or any other materials to complement your setting.
Complete Fire Pit Packages

Manual Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kits

Push Button Fire Pit Kits

Stainless Steel Fire Rings

Outdoor Log Sets

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*Many items now with Free Shipping including almost all fire pit kits and Stainless Steel Fire rings
*New Products
Complete Fire Pit Packages:
*Available in both Match lit and Remote Ignition
*Copper Bowls can be converted for Fire and Water Feature
*Steel Polymer Tables come in your choice of three colors
*Table top Fire Bowls with Water

*Decorative Fire Glass in almost every color!
Now Available
Ceramic Fiber River Rock. Can be used indoor and outdoor.

DIY Outdoor Fire Pits

Deluxe Drop-in Fire Pit Kits , Match Lite Fire Pit Kits in Stainless Steel and Black Iron

Best Price Guaranteed! We will Meet or Beat Any Competitors Price on this line of products! Free Shipping on Many Products

Build your own Fire Pit with our Pit Kits, Fire Rings , Burner Pans , Lava Rock, Outdoor Log Sets, Electronic Ignition and Remote Systems.

If you need a size that's not in stock please email us at: thecustomfireplace@yahoo.com!

Indoor Fireplace Products

For your indoor fireplace we carry direct spark ignition systems, pilot systems and parts as well as complete Vented Log Sets and Coal Basket that come with your choice of burners and controls.

We also carry Safety Pilot Kits and Log Lighters for standard gas installation as well as Millivolt Kits that can be controlled manually or remotely with one of our Remote Kits or Wall Switches, Electronic Ignition Systems that have no standing pilot and turned on and off with Indoor/Outdoor Remote or Wall Switch. To enhance an existing fireplace try decorating the fireplace floor. We carry Glowing wood bits, Ceramic fiber coals, Platinum Bright Embers, Vermiculite, Decorative Glass, Silica Sand and Volcanic Cinders.

To find a gas installer in your area we recommend

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Why Natural Gas Over Burning Wood in my Fireplace?
Burning wood not only contributes to air pollution, but it will cost you approximately 88 cents per hour to burn.

A fireplace burning natural gas will cost you approximately 22 to 44 cents per hour depending on size of burner and no mess.

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Triple Burner Elite Series Log Sets24in Manual Electronic Ignition Flat Pan Fire Pit Kit D/C Remote Control Kit RCK-K