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We, The Custom Fireplace are an authorized dealer for one of the best-established in fireplace industry company - Hearth Products Controls, Inc. - both a well-established manufacturer, and a wholesale distributor of their products.

We are also proud to be one of their associates-dealers, and are in a position to offer you the best quality lines of fireplace-related products, at the best price - very often, at the rock-bottom wholesale level.

Founded in 1976 by Dan Maddox, Hearth Products Controls is backed with 29 years of industry experience.

Hearth Products Controls, Inc. brings life to the incorporation of a decorative design idea that can be the focal point or feature accent of a landscape, fireplace/hearth installation. This company designs for durability, reliability and ease of installation. Their product line of Safety Pilot Kits makes installation effective and efficient.

They sell their products and services through an authorized dealer and distributor network throughout the USA and Canada.

Hearth Products Controls, Inc. is sure that you will find the value, charm and warmth of a fire effect which will greatly increase the capability and distinction of your own product and service offerings.

The Custom Fireplace