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D/C Powered Electronic Ignition Millivolt Valve Kit

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Electronic Ignition valve kit with flex line connection to main burner. This kit is battery operated in the event of power outage- Optional 120Vac adaptor available. Complete electronic ignition kit uses Dexen EI gas valve, 82k Btu that may be controlled with a wall switch, remote control or timer.

Dexen Electronic Ignition Valve, 82k Btu Kit Includes:

*Electronic Ignition Control Module
*24 IPI Pilot Assembly with mounting bracket
*10 Black Stainless Steel Flex Lines (2)
*Battery Pack with two D-Cell batteries and Wiring Harness (Optional 120vac Power Adaptor)
*Insulated Heat Shield for Module / Battery Pack with On/Off switch on front.
*Insulated Heat Shield for gas valve.
*175 High Limit Switch on valve
*Assorted fittings for various burner threads
*LP applications use the EILPK kit
*OPTIONAL Remote Control:
Compatible with:
RCK-I Series (On/Off) or RCK-K Series (Thermostatic)

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