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Quaking Aspen

The Quaking Aspen is part of Grand Canyon Gas Logs three native collections. The Quaking Aspen logs are cast from real logs found in nature and then hand painted to bring to life the natural beauty. Like the Arizona Juniper collection the logs for the Quaking Aspen were discovered in the backwoods of the Northern Arizona Forest. The name Quaking Aspen comes from the appearance of the Aspen tree when the wind is blowing. The leaves of the tree are attached to the branches with a long petiole; this allows even the faintest of breezes to cause the leaves to flutter. The fluttering effect gives the appearance that the Aspen is “Quaking” or “Trembling” hence the name Quaking Aspen. The detail in the casting and painting by our craftsman are second none.

2 or 3 Burner

18in Quaking Aspen- Log Count:5

24in Quaking Aspen- Log Count:7

30in Quaking Aspen- Log Count:8

Optional Control Valves

Safety Pilot Kits
Includes: valve, pilot assembly/bracket, black
knob, heat shield, swivel connector,
various fittings and screws

Millivolt Kits
Includes: valve, pilot assembly, heat shield, swivel
connector, various fittings and screws

Battery Electronics Kits
Includes: valve, pilot assembly, module, wiring harness,
battery pack, batteries(2), heat shields(2),
swivel connector and fittings

110v Electronic system
Includes: valve, pilot assembly/bracket, module, wiring harness,
AC transformer, 4x12x12 metal box,
hard piping, 200KBTU

Remote Kit GCRK
Includes: handheld, receiver and heat shield

Wall Switch GCWS

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