Tranquil Whistle-Free Flex Lines

Are you having trouble with whistling from your gas appliances, Fireplace, or Outdoor Fire Pit? It may be your flexable gas line, if it is bent.
Use this Flexable Gas connector in your installations. It has staggered Pitch every 2inches to eliminate whistling found in those tough installs.

Standard Capacity

18in Whisper Flex Line

24in Whisper Flex Line

30in Whisper Flex Line

Standard Capacity (Black)

18in Whisper Flex Line(Black)

24in Whisper Flex Line(Black)

30in Whisper Flex Line(Black)

Low Capacity

18in Whisper Flex Line(LC)

24in Whisper Flex Line(LC)

30in Whisper Flex Line(LC)

Whisper Flex Lines whflli

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