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18in Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace H Burner

18in Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace H Burner


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  • Description

    18in X 6in H burner Natural Gas Fireplace Burner has two burners for a nice full flame pattern in your fire feature. Available in sizes 12,18,24,30,and 36in X 6in. The uniquely designed burner allows gas pressure to be concentrated in center of both outer burners.

    This low profile H Burner has a connection on the side for installation on left or right in a fully vented fireplace. Because it is made of high quality #304 Stainless Steel tubing it can also be used outside in a natural gas fireplace or liner fire pit. Holes can be pointed up for glass or down in sand*.

    Kit Includes:
    1.) H Burner
    2.) Damper Clamp
    3.) Inlet Fitting 1/2 x 1/2 Flared Brass Fitting
    4.) 1/2 x 1/2 Flared MIP Fitting
    5.) 1/2 x 12 Flex Connector

    *This burner is meant for natural gas applications only. In a fully vented fireplace.

    There is an optional SAFETY PILOT KIT SYSTEM for use with our H-Burners and our Pan Burners when used in indoor fireplace. With this kit you will be able to turn the burner on or off and to adjust the flame to the desired height. This kit uses a thermocouple standing pilot which is included. Available with Variable Flame Remote Control Safety Pilot Kit, On/Off Remote Control Safety Pilot Kit or Manual Safety Pilot Kit

    Read a copy of Installation Instructions for Indoor/Outdoor H-burner click here

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