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1/4in Reflective or Metalic Fire Glass

Choose from our exquisite selection of 1/4" premium reflective fire glass, sure to delight every guest and liven up every gathering. The reflective feature of this fire glass enhances its natural color, giving it a spectacular effect that makes it seem as though the flames are dancing upon the glass or glistening around it, thereby enchanting all those who behold it. In fact, our premium fire glass maintains its sparkle even when its not exposed to a fire and even in sunlight. Our 1/4" premium reflective fire glass comes in 11 dazzling colors!

1/4in Reflective Fireglass has a mirror side to each piece so it sparkles with the reflection of flames from your fire feature for an even more beautiful effect than regular fireglass. It is sold in 10lb increments. Free shipping will be applied on all orders over $99 in the continental US.
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