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72" Trough Burner with Pan Match-lit Kit

72" Trough Burner with Pan Match-lit Kit


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  • Description

    This item comes with Free Shipping in the Continental US!

    New Linear T-burner creates a long linear flame. The raised hub design prevents water from entering gas valve. Made of high quality #304 Stainless Steel, holes are drilled and not punched.
    New Flat Bottom Pan Design allows for better media retention and 1.3inch lip allows for burner to be recessed to protect from blowout without the need for extra support brackets.
    Stainless Steel burners are the most optimal for installation in areas that are near the ocean, or get a lot of rain or snow.

    Along with this 72 inch Stainless Steel Linear T-Burner 150K BTU this kit includes:

    -Trough Style Stainless Steel burner pan 5.4" wide 72" long with 1.3" Lip

    -Manual Ball Valve with chrome key and flange.

    -Flex Line and Fittings

    This kit includes everything you need to put together a simple DIY match-lit gas fire pit. Create the "Fire Place" of your Dreams or use this kit to replace your old Wood Burning Fire Pit and enjoy the warmth, ambiance and simple convenience of match-lit gas fire.

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    *All Match Lit Kits connect to ˝ in gas line except High Capacity which has žin connection and piping.
    **Lava Rock is an optional addon with this kit.
    For A Chart of Accessories that fit with this Fire Pit Kit and others like it and how much Lava Rock or other media to use.

    Upgrade your Fire Pit Kit with these great Accessories!

    Universal Keys
    in many finishes 3-8in
    Paver Block Bracket
    Extra Long Keys 8-24in
    Lava Rock
    Accessories and Media
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