Half Inch Reflective Glass

Half inch Reflective Glass has an added mirror side that reflects light with larger pieces of glass. Price ranges from $7.50 to $11.00 per lb. Priced at $7.50 per lb except Starfire which are $8.50 per lb and Gold which is $11.00 per lb. Thats $75 to $110 per 10lb bag.
-To order by the pound please call us at 770-967-0087

1/2" Bronze Reflective $7.50/lb
1/2" Cobalt Reflective $7.50/lb
1/2" Copper Reflective $7.50/lb

1/2" Evergreen Reflective $7.50/lb
1/2" Gray Reflective $7.50/lb
1/2" Pacific Blue Reflective $7.50/lb

1/2" Starfire Reflective $8.50/lb
1/2" Gold Reflective $11/lb

Pick Color Below (order multiple bags at checkout)

AFGHIR-10$75.00To order by the pound call us at 770-967-0087
10lb Bags
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