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A/C Themostatic Remote Control Kit RCK-D

A/C Themostatic Remote Control Kit RCK-D


  • Description

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  • Description

    A/C Thermostatic, Manual On/Off Remote
    If changing of batteries is not desired,this 120vac model remote control receiver is what you need in your fireplace.
    Use this A/C remote kit with your pilot kit to turn on your fireplace as easy as you turn on your TV.

    This remote is compatible with the following millivolt kits: MVKN, MVK-P, MVK-NQM, MVK-PQM, UMVK-NP, MVK-EI, and MVK-HC.


    *Manual & Thermostat On/Off
    *Backlit LCD
    *Child Proof
    *Low Battery Indicator
    *Room Temp Set Point(Your fire will ajust automaticaly to give you the room temp you set)
    *Countdown Timer
    *Insulated Heat Shield to protect important componants from the heat of your fire.
    *120 VAC

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