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Safety Pilot Kits

The safety pilot valve provides a safe shutdown in the event of an interruption in the gas supply or flameout. Using a standing pilot provides a convenient means of lighting the main burner. The flame height is manually controlled using the valve adjusting knob, also used to start up and shutdown the main burner. HPC offers numerous kit configurations providing install flexibility and convenient use. Benefits: Flame Sensed, Manual flame height control, Simple main burner ignition.

Safety Pilot Kits feature the safety of flame sensing for your gas fireplace… if the flame blows out the gas will turn off automatically. For ignition the standing pilot is match lit at the beginning of season, providing flame to the sensor (thermocouple) and ignition of main burner when desired. Features:
Flame sensing for safety
Main Burner Ignition- standing pilot flame
Flame height adjustment with control knob
Various valve gas inlet locations for flexibility
Fittings included to attach to any burner
Natural Gas & Liquid Propane kits available
Includes heat shield for valve protection
5 year warranty
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