Safety Screen Pivot open Dome-Stainless Steel

* Welded Stainless Steel Mesh Dome
* Available in sizes from 24" thru 60" diameter
*1/4" x1" solid stainless steel flat bar framework
*Stainless steel mesh screen (8 x8 per sq. inch; 0.26 gauge stainless steel wire)
*High heat-resistant electrostatically applied finish
*Pivot open to access either side of Fire pit
Pivot Open

*Quality– Our world class manufacturing and exceptional product design
*Prevents sparks and embers from flying out of the pit – even in the wind
*Helps prevent accidents, contains incendiary sparks, ash and soot
*Prevent direct contact with open flame
* Will help comply with local ordinances

Price List

24" thru 34"

35" thru 45"

46" thru 52"

53" thru 60"




$40 per additional inch over 52"

This item comes with Free Shipping in the Continental US!

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